What programmers don’t tell you: we join FREE events and watch people present about what they know



  • Meetup.com is a site where we find various groups to join.
  • there are many Programming related groups
  • newbies to the tech (or niche of a group) are often very welcome (since most groups aim to grow their community (you don’t need to be an expert to join them!)

How are meetups/events run?

  • groups often set a regular meetup date
  • there are assigned speakers (volunteers from members) per meetup, (attendees can just sit back and watch,observe,learn and ask questions)
  • meetup venues usually changes per meetup event (since they always look for companies willing to lend a space
  • the venue host often provides snacks too (often pizza..and beer)

What can i get from these events?

  • new knowledge, if you continuously attend a group for a topic you don’t know, you will eventually learn them and be more familiar with them
  • this allows us to learn what other people our doing (so we are not restricted to use-cases, experiences within our current company)
  • this can help us expland our network and potentially find people who can help us learn and even find job opportunities.

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