Who were the first programmers and Why were they efficient

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56yrs ago maybe there were a few thousand programmers in the world.
who where these programmers?
they didnt go to school to learn it.
there weren’t any computer science courses.

Probably they were drawn from existing engineers, mathematicians
who were already employed and their managers went to them
and said “hey we got this job that you might wanna do.
its called programming“, and that time no one knew what that was.

But the interesting thing is that they were already professionals in the industry for a long time (any industry).
People who understood deadlines, schedules and projects.
They came into programming with a lot of knowledge how about business works
and projects work and schedules.

They did not need special processes or management

– Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) 2016

this is why it seems more effective for business people to learn how to program (just to gain enough knowledge on how it works)
rather than programmers (who has already invested a lot in their ego) to learn business.
Robert Martin promotes the idea of “The Professional Programmer

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