Let’s make it easy for people to do the right thing

I Believe that…

  • life is short, so i don’t like people not saying what they really meant.
  • we should make it easy for people to do the right things.
  • we see things differently
    • like biologically / visually, that’s why some can do visual arts
    • and via perspective so we understand concepts and have internal mental models differently

I like working in an environment where tech, business and management work together (Inspired by the Toyota Way).
I like keeping myself updated with trends in Software Solutions especially about quality and user experience and I always look forward to working with a team with the same mindset.

Work Experience


2018 - 2020 Systems Administrator for 2 Project Teams and 3 Production Projects (Makati City)


2017 - 2018 TECH LEAD for a team of 5 (Makati City)


2016 - 2017 TECH LEAD for a team of 6 (Quezon City)


2015 - Systems Developer (Tokyo, Japan)


2011 - 2014 Junior Systems Developer (Quezon City)


  • Web Development  / Agile
  • Systems Design And Administration / Devops
  • Process Improvement / Lean

Want to talk about Software Development / Agile / DevOps ?

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