Why you need to learn to code


imagine you receive 5000 video/audio files everyday and need to make a catalog.

non tech solution: hire more staff
tech solution: write a script program (using the built-in scripting language in your windows PC (in the command-line))

how to write software build a program Automate a solution

“Programmers” dont always write  code, we dont need to.
there are lots of already made things out there that we just hack together to make something to fulfill requirements.
It just so happens that those things are more visible to people on our field.
The goal here is to provide a solution, an automated,reliable solution, and not just to write code for the sake of writing code.

  1. know what you want to build (not how to build it)
  2. know if it is possible to build it
    1. by looking at similar existing examples, sample websites, sample apps etc
    2. by studying specs,features and capabilities of existing tools and technologies (an endless list)
    3. by trusting the fact that your problem is trivial, in this modern world it is almost hard to discover cases that only you are encountering so there might be someone else who has the solution on the internet, dont underestimate the internet
  3. find and study the tool that can help you build what you want.
  4. build it!
  5. did it satisfy #1? if yes congrats if no repeast from #2, if you need to change product design repeat from #1.

Did i mention any programming jargon or  any scary technical term?
No, because programming is not about that.
programming/automation/I.T. is not about changing how you work.
It is not about not needing to know how the business works.
It is about doing the same work faster in a more reliable/repeatable manner.

Im not saying that business people should change careers to be full time programmers.
But Software Developers should aim to be professional programmers,
And Business People should add bits and bits of automation in their workflows to amplify what they already have.

Tony Stark built tons of automation systems, but never boasted that he is a software developer. He’s just really a scientist who knew how to code.

In case you forgot tony’s home automation systems you make take a peek here

Fun Fact#1: Elon Musk also knows how to code and does similar things to Tony Stark.
Fun Fact#2: Mark Zuckerberg is not a rockstar programmer, he’s just a business person who knows enough in coding. Just enough to build his empire from an idea.

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If you are based in the Philippines and want some help to jump start your programming skills.
You might want to check  http://tuitt.com/ and their facebook page