Why we need a Systematic Approach to Developing our workforce

In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first. This in no sense, however, implies that great men are not needed. On the contrary, the first object of any good system must be that of developing first-class men; and under systematic management the best man rises to the top more certainly and more rapidly than ever before.

Frederick taylor (father of scientific management) 1911

The Quality of Your Product is Only as Good as the Tools You Use

Your software is only as good as the current knowledge of the team who created them

want a better product? desire a better team.

how do you do that?

Train them, give them resources

How do you ensure that resources are not wasted?

It starts with Hiring!, find the right people, the ones who crave for learning and growth, those who get out of their way to find answers and solutions.

It all starts with hiring and looking for people who believes in the same things as you do.

Now ask yourself, what do you believe in?

do you believe that things just fall into place? do you believe in luck? (would you leave your organization’s success to luck?) or do you believe in building a team of Growth-type and no-bullshit honest people so that your team with organically grow as time goes by?