How to really save time

Time is your only resource

You can start and operate a “company” on your own but that would require you to do everything. It means you need to learn everything, and that would take a lot of time and since you want to market fast you want to save time.
So you hire people, you don’t just buy their talent, you buy their time.
Time that they could have been spending to build their own empire, It just depends on how compelling your offer is to buy their time.

Aside from that, there are ways to “save” time without taking time away from others.

How to save time

Save a lifetime – by reading stories and biographies of successful people (and their failures too) so you don’t spend yours repeating the same mistakes and getting the same experiences that made them what they are.

  • save years by reading Elon Musk’s biography just to know what experiences he had that inspired him to start his companies.

Save centuries or decades – by reading stories of successful organizations and immediately start higher compared to where they started on their journey to their sustainable and repeatable success

  • Save 79 years of learning how to build a continuous learning organization by reading “The Toyota Way
  • Save 93 years of learning how to scale the level of quality and customer service across a global entertainment empire by reading “Disney’s Be Our Guest
  • Save decades on “how some organizations like southwest airlines (Herb Kelleher) managed to change their company from a low quality to a high quality one” by reading “Start with Why

Wait there’s more

Play a Role Playing Game, Watch a movie, watch a ted talk to save yourself  years of experience just to get a new perspective about things.

“At Google, If we don’t learn from our failure stories those failures will repeat themselves”

– Ameen Haque