Code Reviews

code reviews are meant to uphold an agreed upon standard

it is not an avenue to project your personal coding style to others.

1. build a standard
2. apply the standard via reviews
3. repeat step 1.

code reviews should have goals like
1. syntax
2. formatting
3. tests completeness (path coverage)
4. design adherence (oop, principles)
5. security (looking for insecure functions, known bad patterns, misuse of code,etc)
6. achieve consistency over cleverness
7. make the code look as if it was written by a single person
8. uphold project health

most of things listed above can be automated.

it is not meant to validate if another person’s way of coding matches yours

i’ve lead teams before, all of them were successful thanks to my cooperative teammates who helps me grow and uphold the standards via an objective process

to all aspiring tech leads, i hope this helps you the way it has helped me.