What happened to Agile Software Development?

Many Developers and Project Teams are still in the process of learning agile software development.
I think the best place to learn it is from one of the founders himself.

In this talk by Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) you will learn how the industry was prior to Agile and why Industry needed Agile.

In this other presentation, you will learn what happened to Agile in ways that the founders never intended.


watch this guy talk about scrum/agility and reconfirm your understanding about it.

Core Agile Principles

If you haven’t seen the Agile Manifesto yet, here you go.

*screenshot from http://agilemanifesto.org/

You also need to see the 12 agile principles. Practices like Scrum/Kanban/XP are just implementations of these principles. You do not need to follow every prescription of these practices as long as your custom workflows abide with the agile principles.
see: principles vs practices

“Agile” is more of a mindset than a tool set.  It is a framework for establishing a positive organizational culture.

If you are based in the philippines and wants to jumpstart or learn more or share about your journey to learn Agile software development, you may join  Agile Philippines! They meetup every last wednesday of the month.