Code Reviews

Code Reviews

code reviews are meant to uphold an agreed upon standard it is not an avenue to project your personal coding style to others. 1. build a standard2. apply the standard via reviews3. repeat step 1. code reviews should have goals like1. syntax2. formatting3. tests...

How do I motivate my team?

Step1: find the right people get Growth-type people Step 2: understand the factors behind motivation From Dan Pink's very famous book "Drive" Autonomy - Creative FreedomMastery - Desire for Self ImprovementPurpose - the cause commit to as to why we do things. From Dan...

Free Courses from PluralSight #FreeApril

Free Courses from PluralSight #FreeApril Pluralsight is a learning resource like Udemy that provides training videos and Paths (mostly for software development) what's immediately seen on the menu some pluralsight courses some courses under "Security"...

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