you can create fancy titles all you want but it will just lead to stress and unproductive time spent thinking “wtf does this title mean?”
this is a people WASTE in terms of LEAN, see (unclear reponsibilities)
in contrast if we give people answers to the ff: we will be more productive instead of letting the person discover all of these by chance, like maybe within a few years.

  • what is my high-level goal (unless you are the CEO, your superior should set this with you) ?
  • who do i report to?
  • what group do i belong?
  • what tools/resources are at my disposal ?
  • who reports to me ?
  • up to what part of the system is under my control (or who else shares control over portions of it) ?

People like working for things they are passionate about, things where they know how they could be of help.
We need more of those instead of the “anti-stress” features such as a fancy pantry or free snacks.
we can elimininate that stress before it even begins.

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