How to make the most out of meetings

Why is this an Interference?

  • Meetings are not inherently bad, what’s bad is when you run a meeting that didn’t yield results
  • if your plan is to see what happens you will surely succeed, in seeing what happens – still trying to recall where i got this

How to run proper VALUE-ADDING meetings

aside from the solutions mentioned in the article/link posted above, here are what i commonly use to make meetings productive. This article talks about it.

  • Know the purpose of the meeting
  • Know the type of meeting you want to conduct
    • problem-solving
    • decision-making
    • planning
    • feedforward (status reporting and new information presentations)
    • feedback (reacting and evaluating )
    • combination meetings
  • Take “minutes of meeting“. as a start even simple notes will do..

knowing how to prepare yourself before a meeting reduces cognitive load, reduces stress.

Know the Purpose of the meeting

dont let the topics drift away too much from this. This gives us a handle and focus. a few branching out from main topic is ok. but beware of topics spawning just because people cant say anything about the main topic but still wants to look active. within the given time, don’t let meetings end without achieving this or atleast any lead on how to proceed next.

Know the type of meeting you want to conduct

this conditions the mindset of the people on during the meeting.

  • problem-solving – “ok i need to think of all posible solutions and try them against the stated goal/problem”.
  • decision-making – “ok given facts i need to consider possible options and their risks and gains”.
  • planning – “ok we need to think ahead, where we want to be in the future”
  • feedforward (status reporting and new information presentations) – “ok i need to recall all things i did, oh sh*t i haven’t really done anything”.
  • feedback (reacting and evaluating ) – “ok today i learn what i need to improve, i will be criticized today because they want to improve so i need to stay objective and accept tough-love”.
  • combination meetings – combinations of any meetings above as needed. “ok this might be chaotic..brace yourselves”.
  • undefined meeting type – “ok nothing to do here, i get to spend time achieving nothing,waiting for clock to tick.”

Take Minutes of the meeting

save in a centralized location accessible by anyone on a later date (and obviously that is not your pc hardrive) this catches whatever output (hopefully the real goal is achieved) gets produced from the meeting. this is where everyone can verify if the meeting was a success. this is something we can use on a later time to loook back, restrospect and improve our operations

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