Why we need to share information to empower our team

a blind chess piece

What changes when we have access to information?

It widens our “map” , it gives us more insight on where we are standing on the map

It improves our perspective.
It gives us better understanding of potentials and risks.
It allows us to act faster and more appropriate to a situation.

Scenario #1

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

this is how it looks like when you have limited info.
what would you next move be?
can you calculate risks “from a higher perspective”?

Scenario #2

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

this is what it looks like when you have more access to info.
paths to success become more apparent.
risks can be more calculated.
you can finally think “from a higher perspective”

Look again at scenario#1,  success is almost in front of you. But what prevented you from doing that?
If this was a task you gave to your member, why did you not allow him/her to see it?
We cannot say “please try to look from a bigger perspective” while not giving resources
that would allow our people to see from that perspective.
Instead we should practice Stewardship  to share information and scale our operations.

Look back at scenario#2  did i really give you the full access to info?

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