Decision-Making is what pays

if you want to improve your impact at work and your salary, strive to be a decision maker.

If you are a tech-guy, and a good one at that, it means you get to decide within the team what tools to use and how to implement them.
If you are not aware of it, it is your ability to pick a road and decide is what you are being paid for, not your ability to use a tool or a language.

If you want to explore the business, managerial side (coming from a programming background) then you must be able to provide decisions
relating to “How you can improve the business using programming/automation”.

Look at CEOs and other C officials, they don’t do grunt work, they are there to think and decide about major things.
Those who get promoted, are chosen because their superiors can trust them to make smaller decisions for them.

Everyone want’s a higher salary, we should work to get there and be genuinely valuable.

How do I Improve my decision-making?

First, master your craft, you can’t make sound decisions if you are just guessing and don’t know your work by heart.

Second, learn how to gather relevant metrics for your work and your goals so you can make data-driven decisions instead of
just drafting conclusions out of thin air or gut feeling.

If I’m already a decision-maker what do I do next?

chances are you have subordinates at this point, teach them the science you use to make decisions.
So they can grow and learn how to make small decisions for you.
So you can move on and think about higher level problems and hopefully get to be making decisions on the higher levels of the organization.
By doing this, you don’t only lift yourself up but also your subordinates.

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