Reading In between employments

Whenever i move from one employer to another, I make sure to take a few weeks off to read.
So I will have new knowledge than i can potentially be a better person at the new job.

This gives me chance to detox (from the old Job) and catch up on all the books I’ve bought but haven’t read yet.
This allows me to learn new things that i might be able to use to improve the way I work.

Don’t just buy books, buy the time to read them too.

This might be an expensive move, few weeks of unemployment.

But this means that to be able to do this, you should’ve already built healthy personal finance habits.
This basically means you should have an Emergency Fund. An Emergency fund is about 3-6 months worth of your living expenses.
Living expenses, not monthly salary.

There are many good reasons to have this which includes the ability to take weeks of rest when you resign from a job.
This also allows you to not be scared of losing your job, which means you won’t be afraid to stand up for things you know are right.

No more summer vacations

Summer vacations end the moment we leave college.
its always nice to have one every few years.
I’m not recommending you have one every year though.
But in case you do get that chance, take that time to unwind and prepare properly for a new career ahead.

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