Music to the Ears: Rockabye Cover by Nági

you would think that you’ve seen everything in youtube by now
then you stumble upon talent like this. <3 <3 <3

somehow listening to this makes me miss the beach, the warmth of the sun on my slightly burnt skin and the cool breeze as I lay on a hammock watching the coconut leaves sway ’til i fall asleep and then eventually wake up to a nice view and say “It’s nice to be alive”

Why I started blogging

It has been 3 years (I think) since my boss started urging me to blog, but at that time I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to write but I was not confident enough to write about something, I didn’t have a direction.

Last year, I found a path (Technical Leadership / Pursuit of Quality and Productive Work), I learned many things along that path and I often shared them to others. But then I found myself repeating the same stories over and over again, sometimes I miss something out, sometimes I add something new, and sometimes there are conflicting ideas.

And then I found this randomly at a bookstore while looking for something else. It made me realize lots of things which included the motivation to really write more.


So I would like to recommend this book to everyone and hope that It can inspire you the same way it has inspired me. 

Write the book you want to read

*a page from the book *photo from: