Why I started blogging

It has been 3 years (I think) since my boss started urging me to blog, but at that time I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to write but I was not confident enough to write about something, I didn’t have a direction.

Last year, I found a path (Technical Leadership / Pursuit of Quality and Productive Work), I learned many things along that path and I often shared them to others. But then I found myself repeating the same stories over and over again, sometimes I miss something out, sometimes I add something new, and sometimes there are conflicting ideas.

And then I found this randomly at a bookstore while looking for something else. It made me realize lots of things which included the motivation to really write more.


So I would like to recommend this book to everyone and hope that It can inspire you the same way it has inspired me. 

Write the book you want to read

*a page from the book *photo from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/deathtogutenberg/albums/72157629454918267

Where I get Ideas

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I actively try to regularly update myself with new concepts/ideas probably mainly because of the fear of missing out or getting outdated or useless within an organization.

I read many articles from
– Medium
– Dev.to
– DevRant
– Youtube
– Robert Martin
– GOTO Conferences
– Talks at Google
– Thoughtworks
– Ted Talks
– Facebook Groups for local communities centered on particular topics
  – https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWSUGPH/
  – https://www.facebook.com/groups/agilephilippines/
  – many more
– Meetup.com groups
– Subscribe to some newsletters
  – https://www.sans.org/newsletters (for Cybersecurity News)


I also buy books (I prefer hardbounds, but you can get copies of them online), see this post for short reviews on some of my books


Most talks I watch are around 1hr so how do I make time for it?

I Make time to get new ideas

I do it while eating or while while preparing in the morning or while doing house chores.
Often along commute (good thing youtube and tedtalks android app have download and view offline).

I also use them as background noise while waiting to fall asleep and while working (most people listen to music I guess, I’m a weird one). If you listen to them over and over long enough you will eventually understand it fully, this might be even better than just watching them in one sitting while doing nothing else.

For my books, I don’t just buy them, I buy time for them too.
If I’m feeling very relaxed at home I will go out and look for a coffee shop to read for at least 30 minutess.
I have already associated home for sleep and I have associated coffee shops for productivity.
It is not about the fancy coffee, Its just about buying temporary time within the ambiance that they provide.



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I Attend Events and Listen to people talk about their work


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My benchmark to determine if I have enough articles

1. Someone asks a question.

2. Do I have a post that can explain my viewpoint or have a curated set of bookmarks that can save time explaining it?

  • If yes, then share the link.
  • If no, make one.


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If ever you are experiencing a creativity block,  please try these books from Austin Kleon

They helped me understand what creativity and what to do with it.
They are very easy to read (with awesome Illustrations) and always has 10 Concepts per book.

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