Books are not scary

ikaros vs books

I read personal development books, mostly to learn, but what keeps me going is that i find it fun.

Books are filled with real-life stories and anecdotes

personal development books are not all numbers, figures and data, they are not like your elementary or college textbooks!

authors often take time to interview and gather stories of other people to support the topic they are writing about, reading stories is pretty much like how you read about scifi or fiction novels, only that this is real life.

What’s the deal breaker here is to find good story tellers, I often buy and stick with authors who are good story tellers.
those books (and their amazing story tellers) are listed here

Personal development books often have 1-10 concepts only!

believe it or not, there are not lots of concepts that you need to ingest for each book, good authors try to lessen cognitive load (quality over quantity).
many formats go iike 2-10 topics/concepts repeated over and over, via different stories and anecdotes reaching up to, oftentimes, 300 pages.

You do not need to finish a book in one day!

too many people pressure themselves into doing this, and if not possible they just wont read at all.

I actually don’t recommend this, I often break down a 300 page book into 10-12 pages per day (every morning), that’s 25-30 days!

this habit gives me lots of time to think about what i read per day and make them really stick, this is like watching your favorite netflix series where after a few seasons you get absorbed too much in that show’s universe vs bingwatching an 8 part series overnight.

My personal habit is to set a regular routine

whenever possible, when i wake up in the morning and get myself done, i stop by at a coffee shop, to read.
there’s just that ambiance that says “you should be productive here”, maybe because there are other people working, reading, studying as well!

then after 30-60mins of reading i go back home or go to work, (by this time im already energized with new ideas that i can reflect on all day)
yes you read that right.. oftentimes it takes me 30-60mins to get thru 10-12 pages.. lol.. lots of re-reading, internalizations, recalling past events where this new found information could’ve been useful, thinking of potential scenarios where i can apply them, etc.. then distractions,,facebook,etc….

Just read that first page and before you know it, your book is done and you’ve adopted a positive habit.

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