How to use Management to increase Producing Capacity


Management is essentially moving the fulcrum over, and the key to effective management is delegation – Stephen Covey, (Habit 3) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Where Micromanagement Does work

  • it works for E people (see Alderfer’s ERG theory),
  • routine people who LIKE being told what to do
    • because they dont have to think, so they can think about something else.
    • like students or those busy with other big things
    • for people like them, routine is a breather.

Where Micromanagement Doesn’t work

  • it does not work for G people (see Alderfer’s ERG theory)
  • if u are a G person.even you won’t enjoy being micromanaged (but subconciously we tend to do it to others)

How do you increase output with G people?

the key is delegation

proper task delegation have the ff: characteristics (much like a task delegation guidelines)